Lexmark Germany celebrates, commits to diversity

Lexmark Germany celebrated Germany’s 5th Diversity Day on May 30, creating awareness for the importance of diversity as a means to improve our living together, both in our business and personal lives.

Lexmark’s Diversity Day focused on these themes:

∗ Diversity of generations
∗ Balancing job and family
∗ A refugee transitioning into daily life in Germany
∗ Intercultural life in Germany and the diverse cultural background of Lexmark employees

A 20-year old refugee made a big impression when addressing the Lexmark team. She described the life-threatening circumstances of her flight, her first impressions of Germany, and how she transitioned into a country with a completely different culture. Despite these personal hardships, the young lady radiated optimism and impressed the audience with her fluent German, which she acquired in only one year. She now studies electrical engineering at a renowned German university – an example of integration at its best.

Reflecting Lexmark’s commitment to diversity, Lexmark Germany recently signed the Charta of Diversity, a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions in Germany. The initiative aims to create awareness in organizations and encourage a work climate that is free of prejudices. Charta of Diversity participants pledge that all employees should receive recognition and appreciation – regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnic descent, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is the initiative’s patron.

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