Are HIMSS Stage 7 printing environments ‘environmentally friendly’?

Business and SustainabilityDo you think that HIMSS Stage 7 “paperless” hospitals sound environmentally friendly? Well, think again.

While only 161 U.S. Hospitals have reached Stage 7 to date, four of those Stage 7 hospitals were surveyed to find that 85,791,505 pages were printed annually, an average of 1,381 pages per user.

In one year in those four HIMSS Stage 7 hospitals, printing alone resulted in:

–        10,296 trees being consumed

–        13,966 million BTUs being used – the equivalent used by 153 homes for a full year

–        2,402,929 pounds of CO2 being emitted – the equivalent of about 218 cars per year

Imagine the environmental impact of paper in all U.S. Healthcare providers as they are striving to reach the HIMSS Stage 7 goals.

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