Are you prepared for Downtime?

Downtime Reports GraphicAs we ready for HIMSS 2013 next week in New Orleans, one of the many topics we will be discussing with our customers at the show is the issue of downtime reporting.

Downtime reporting is what happens when a healthcare system or network goes “down.” When this happens, customer care must continue, but how can you access medical records if you can’t get into the system? You need a “Downtime Report” to continue care.

In a recent survey of Lexmark healthcare customers, we asked how prepared they were for an unscheduled downtime event? Only 18 percent said they were very prepared.

Watch the video below with Lexmark customer Kevin Toenes, Director of Information Technology, Gwinnett Medical Center, to hear how they use the Lexmark Downtime Solution to continue to provide quality care, even in a downtime event.

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