Bridge the retail security gap: 4 tips to combat internal threats


High-profile, external security breaches may be the types of security gaps that land organizations in the news, but far-reaching hackers aren’t the only types of threats today’s retailers have to worry about. In fact, internal breaches, either inadvertent or malicious, are more common and can be just as threatening to business-critical information.

Paper-based documents and information transmitted through print devices can be gaps in retailers’ internal security efforts, leaving these channels at high risk for leaks and unauthorized usage. Here are four key ways retailers can protect their print environment and information:

  1. Keep paper documents out of the wrong hands with authenticated printing — Once a document is printed and taken outside the store, it can be difficult to keep out of the wrong hands. Prevent malicious printing by configuring the device to print only if the user has authenticated.
  2. Keep employee information private with restricted access – Retailers take in sensitive information every time a new store employee is hired. Protect personnel data by granting access to device function and apps with the same magnetic stripe or proximity cards that employees use for access to stores and operations facilities.
  3. Remove the burdens of security with print release solutions – When security becomes a barrier to getting the job done, employees may take shortcuts that could leave information at risk. Simplify secure printing by allowing users to initiate print jobs from anywhere in the store–desktop, tablet or smartphone–and release jobs for printing only when they are at the device and ready to retrieve the documents.
  4. Monitor documents for possible leaks — In today’s retail environment, it’s a real possibility that competition can come from the inside. Leverage a secure document monitor solution to achieve greater visibility into how internal employees are copying, printing and sharing documents in real time for a better understanding of possible threats.

Lexmark understands that protecting information from both internal and external threats is a top priority for retailers. That’s why our imaging devices are designed with built-in security. In addition, our suite of full-spectrum security solutions provides the highest level of protection with features tailored to meet retailers’ unique requirements and integrate seamlessly with other processes and systems. This technology, combined with over two decades of experience in retail, make Lexmark uniquely qualified to help retailers significantly reduce security gaps between documents, devices, the network, and all points in between.

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