BYOD Doesn’t Have to Complicate Printing

Mobile devices infographicBy working closely with our customers, Lexmark understands the need for greater mobile printing flexibility in the workplace as well as the challenges – both with transforming infrastructures and change management – associated with putting this into practice. The bottom line is that businesses must remain flexible to implement a successful mobile strategy and stay focused on the end result, a more productive workforce.

Lexmark’s Director of Worldwide Solutions Marketing, Randy Sparks, authored this bylined article, that was featured in Business Solutions Magazine, on the challenges IT departments may face when implementing a mobile printing infrastructure and offered solutions to solve these pain points.

“Though catching on fast, bring your own device (BYOD) is still a relatively new concept,” said Sparks. “As more companies start to embrace it, IT departments will need to face the associated printing challenges head on. If not, there’s a good chance they’ll end up spending unnecessary budget dollars on a solution that frustrates their users and doesn’t align with their corporate cost savings initiatives.”

What challenges have you or your business faced with mobile printing? Would you be willing to share any key learnings, successes or obstacles? We invite your comments here.

Here are some additional mobile printing article and resources for those who have interest in finding out more information on BYOD industry trends.


  • SarahMB

    we wanted a mobile printing solution for the office and the best solution was to have a bespoke package installed by eurosmartz, often app developers will create such a thing for offices if required, works like a dream

  • Ruelle Smith

    Mobile printing can both be a complex and rewarding affair. There are its pros and cons and depending on how a company regulates its rules with regards to mobile printing, the result may either have a positive or negative effect for the company. Having an iOS or Android device, we certainly have the most positive options though.

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