Connect, Engage and Activate

Jeri Isbell, Lexmark vice president, human resources, is the 2012 Commerce Lexington board chairman. At the Commerce Lexington annual dinner, Isbell addressed the crowd of approximately 1,000 guests sharing the theme for the year: Connect, Engage and Activate:

  • Connect business owners and entrepreneurs to necessary resources.
  • Engage the people of our community, especially our youth, in what is happening across our region.
  • Activate our people into action to produce results, making us more competitive in the global economy.

“This year I will continue to support Commerce Lexington’s focus on downtown vitality with the vision of providing an engaging, walkable downtown community,” said Isbell. “Public and private partnerships are critical for the ongoing growth of our downtown.”

Volunteerism and giving back to the community are core values for Lexmark. At Lexmark, each employee has the opportunity to take up to three paid days off throughout the year to volunteer within the community.

“Lexmark employees are highly valued within our community,” said Isbell. “You can make a difference by volunteering through schools and nonprofit organizations. Let’s all work together to keep Lexington and Central Kentucky moving forward.”

For more information on how Lexmark helps the communities we live and work in and our statement about our commitment to voluneerisim, click here.