Innovation Friday: Fashion Week


Welcome to the start of Fashion Week.

Fashion Week happens twice per year in New York, London, Milan and Paris. It runs in February and September and showcases the styles to come for the following season. All the big designers are there along with the who’s who of celebrities.

Today we are taking a look at innovative fashion technologies and design that are fit for the runway.

fashion technology

Neiman Marcus unveils its mirror for the 21st century

Neiman Marcus is reinventing the mirror.

MemoryMirror, which isn’t technically a mirror, but a 70-inch screen with a camera on top that films the consumer, allows for shoppers to compare in real time how different outfits look on them. The customer controls the mirror with an iPad, instructing it when to start recording or take photos. Two outfits can be looked at side-by-side, and the mirror stores as many clips as the customer wants. There’s also the option to email videos or photos to friends for their input, or share on social media. They are also working to add a feature that allows shoppers to see how they look in different colors or patterns.

fashion technology

Adidas knit these sneakers entirely from ocean plastic trash

This sneaker prototype from Adidas makes recycling look good.

The sample shoe is made from illegal gill nets dredged up from the ocean by the nonprofit Sea Shepherd. Adidas knitted the shoe using the same innovative technology it uses to create Primeknit shoes with zero waste. As the company adapts the material, Adidas plans to expand the use to its athletic apparel line as well.


Touchable video platform, Cinematique, launches innovative new editor function for fashion brands

Cinematique is pioneering the way consumers watch and interact with videos online.

The company has been teaming up with fashion brands, from Temperley London to Kate Spade, to combine its technology with brands’ films to create touchable videos. The videos allow users to tap and click on any given object or shoppable item that moves across the screen during the live video. When an item is clicked, it is saved to the bottom menu, which the user can then click on to access additional information like price or colors on any garment, product, landmark or even the model within the video.

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