Lexmark announces new solution at NRF, tackling costly retail problem

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.15.24 AMLexmark will be in attendance at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual Convention and Expo in New York City this week. The team will be in booth 4028, showcasing retail specific solutions to enable retailers to make their business run better so they can focus on what they do best: retailing.

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Today, Lexmark is announcing a new solution for the retail market, Lexmark’s Incident Management for Retail.

The solution simplifies and expedites reporting on incidents such as shoplifting, internal theft and accidents, while bridging the gap between retailers’ investigative systems and the unstructured information those systems don’t manage.

Currently most retailers use manual, document-intensive processes to manage incident information. Most of their investigative systems offer limited or no support to attach photos, videos, signed forms and other unstructured information, resulting in an incomplete view of incidents.

Incident Management for Retail enables retailers to:

*   Open a new case from a mobile device or smart MFP

*   Scan/upload documents for a complete incident file

*   Manage unstructured incident files in context with other systems

*   Output incident files on demand

*   Extend insight into the complete incident picture

The solution reduces manual, time-intensive paperwork and allows staff to focus on customer sales and service; improves the quality of investigations; extends the value of current investigative systems; and increases visibility and insights that can help mitigate risk and reduce losses, among other benefits.

For more information on the solution, stop by the booth at NRF, or check out this link or watch the video below to find out more information.