Lexmark Budapest recognized as innovative, family friendly

The Lexmark Budapest Competence Center has received external recognition with two awards: one for innovation and the other for being a family friendly workplace.

Innovation award

quality_award1The European Organization for Quality recently honored Lexmark with the “Quality Innovative Company 2015” award in Hungary.

“Lexmark has created something unique — not an average shared services center (SSC), but a Competence Center that is on the cutting edge of the SSC industry,” said Balázs Somogyi, EMEA quality and environmental manager. “Many companies with SSCs do not have the variety and complexity of the jobs we have in-house.

To meet the award evaluation criteria, a cross-functional team from the Lexmark Budapest Competence Center submitted six projects completed in the last three years that have improved the center’s performance and demonstrated innovation.

Family friendly workplace

Pictured: Péter Csucska represented <a style=

http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com Lexmark at the awards ceremonies on Nov. 10 and 17.” width=”600″ height=”427″ /> Péter Csucska represented Lexmark at the awards ceremonies on Nov. 10 and 17.

On Nov. 17, the Három Királyfi, Három Királylány movement (a widely recognized nonprofit organization in Hungary, supported by the Ministry of Human Capacities) honored Lexmark Budapest with a special innovation award for integrating family friendly activities into the site’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. The award celebrates organizations that provide and promote family friendly work practices.

Lexmark was recognized for numerous family friendly policies and activities, such as a flexible work environment, health programs, sports activities and equal opportunity for everyone.

“Social awareness, health and well-being, and environment are the three main pillars of our CSR strategy — all connected to family friendly policies and activities,” said Peter Csucska, General manager, Budapest Competence Center. “We are proud to be recognized for our outstanding workplace.