Lexmark making headlines and headway in Latin America

With headlines touting “Printers with the new Lexmark technology attend to the needs of businesses today” and “Services and software, a new form of printing” topping the list of attention grabbing headlines from top Latin American publications in Mexico, to say that a recent trip by Lexmark CEO and Chairman, Paul Rooke, to meet with press and customers was a success is an understatement.

LexmarkNews recently sat down with Milena Santos-Romay, marketing communications director for Lexmark Latin America (LA), and Leonel Jose Da Costa, vice president and general manager for Lexmark LA, to talk about Rooke’s recent visit to Mexico and understand how the new message of Lexmark moving from a hardware based printer company to a software solutions company was received.

When did the visit take place? (Santos-Romay):  Mr. Rooke travelled to Mexico for a
two-day tour in early August.  On the first day, Lexmark held a press conference that was attended by key Mexican newspapers in including Diario Momento, Excelsior, El Economista and the Reforma/ Grupo El Norte amongst others and top-tier business publications such as Mundo Ejecutivo and CIO Magazine.  The second day of meetings consisted of visiting with several Mexican customers to talk with them about the new software and solutions strategy and gather feedback as we move their business forward.

How was that message received during these meetings? (Santos-Romay):  The message was very well received.  We were impressed by the quality of articles that were published after the press conference which included headlines from Excelsior:  “How to survive in a paperless world” and Milenio Diario: “Lexmark migrates to provide software”.  When you are able to deliver a message that provides confidence to a market, and the message is coming from the CEO, that is powerful. We were pleased that the reporters understood the new strategy that Lexmark is not just a printing company, but is now positioned to be a solutions and software company.

Rooke also visited with several financial banks, retailers and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) during the trip. What takeaways did our current and potential customers come out with? (Jose Da Costa):  “The Latin American entrepreneurs are aware of the challenge they face to properly manage the enormous volume of digital prints either as documents, images and videos and they need help to improve their processes and workflows. That’s why Lexmark has expanded its value beyond printing and scanning, and has acquired several companies that allow us to now offer an integrated family of solutions to capture, manage and access content from end to end that will enhance the experience of customer and allows Lexmark deeper into their businesses.”

“This new path that we are taking has been very well received by all our customers in Latin America and they are committed to continue partnering with Lexmark to help their business evolve to the next level.”

For more information on Lexmark and for an overview of our Latin American offerings, please visit our website here.  Or contact Milena Santos-Romay at msantosromay@lexmark.com.

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