Lexmark names 2015 Volunteer of the Year

misaBy Lisa Doctrow

Jason Misa, a business systems analyst on Lexmark’s IT team in Cebu, Philippines, is the company’s 2015 Volunteer of the Year.

“Jason freely donates his time and energy to help both his fellow employees and the Cebu community; he is truly a volunteer at heart,” said Ellizer Cabahug, Misa’s manager.

Misa is a dedicated emergency response volunteer — both inside and outside Lexmark. He serves on the Lexmark Research and Development Corporation’s Emergency Response Team, and is also an active volunteer with the Radio/Rescue Emergency Assistance Volunteer Organization (REAVO) chapter in Cebu.

Misa joined REAVO in 2013 after Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. In 2014 he was awarded Top Volunteer Responder of the REAVO Cebu chapter after responding to more than 20 emergencies and relief activities. In 2015, he took over the role of REAVO’s vice president for internal affairs and continued to respond to emergencies and provide community service.

Among Misa’s 2015 volunteer efforts:

  • As ground control for REAVO’s response to a residential fire that damaged about 500 homes in Mandaue City, Misa provided direction to volunteers while ensuring their safety and providing status updates.
  • Following the fire, Misa volunteered his time during a feeding program for about 200 victims who lost their homes in the fire.
  • During the annual Sinulog Festival, which drew an estimated crowd of 3 million, Misa served as a radio communicator, monitoring the crowd and reporting emergency incidents.
  • Throughout the year, Misa volunteered about 960 hours as a REAVO radio communicator, monitoring for emergencies and mobilizing volunteer teams.

Lexmark’s Volunteer of the Year Award is designed to encourage and recognize volunteerism among Lexmark employees worldwide and to support the causes most important to them. Lexmark will donate the local equivalent of US$2,500 to the charity or charities of Misa’s choice.