Lexmark Philippines open house highlights job opportunities

Lab TourLexmark recently held an open house at its Cebu facilities in the Philippines for local press and dignitaries. The event highlighted Lexmark’s employment opportunities for highly skilled professionals.

Lexmark has been operating in Cebu for more than 14 years, providing global support in the engineering, finance, marketing and back office departmental areas. Lexmark is also looking to expand its research and development in Cebu. Cebuanos provide support to globally integrated teams with challenging work opportunities.

R.L. Bandy“Lexmark and its employees have lived and worked in Cebu for more than 14 years,” said R.L. Bandy, president of Lexmark Philippines. “This is the first time that Lexmark has opened its doors to the community to share what we actually do here at this facility and to also highlight our excellent job opportunities and family friendly atmosphere.”

We asked local media personality, Emily Jade Valero, special publications editor for SunStar Publishing in Cebu, for her thoughts on the event. “The tour of the different offices and laboratories inside Lexmark broadened my knowledge of what the company is all about and what it really does,” said Valero. “I am now more aware of the exciting direction the company is going and of its current line of products and services.”

Product DemoLexmark Philippines is currently seeking qualified firmware, software and engineering job candidates and is also looking for professionals in our global support services, which include supply chain, accounting, finance, sales, marketing and technical support.

To learn more about job opportunities in Lexmark Cebu, please click here.