Lexmark SMB customers use My Pages program to purchase prints on the fly

Lexmark’s newest program for small and medium business (SMB) customers, Lexmark My Pages, enables customers to pay as they print – a program that is similar to what some large enterprise customers utilize in their printing environments.  We sat down with Jason Bright, global industry manager, to get details on the solution and to find out how customers are utilizing the program.

Lexmark: What is the Lexmark My Pages program?

Bright: The Lexmark My Pages program is a new channel offering that was designed to address some of the major pain points that we heard from SMB customers. It offers a streamlined product line to make it easy for a customer to choose a device that fits the their needs, an innovative supplies model and “white-glove” installation and services.

Lexmark: What are some issues that SMB customers face when managing their printing devices?

Bright: We interviewed more than 50 customers and partners in the development of this program and they shared with us some of the frustrations that SMB’s deal with on a daily basis. Much of that frustration was centered on supplies. Customers were confused by the number of supply items, irritated by the cost and unsatisfied with not being able to source them reliably. They were also frustrated with choosing the right printer to meet their needs, and how to install it. The Lexmark My Pages program takes care of those concerns by offering just-in-time supplies shipping and a worry-free installation solution. It was clear that they were looking for a managed service type offering but on a smaller scale, and we feel this program fits the bill.

Lexmark: What are the advantages of buying pages in advance as opposed to just buying a printer and maintaining it yourself on-site?

Bright: Buying pages, or page bundles, allows you to better anticipate and budget the costs of printing. Also, there is a convenience factor. We heard from our customers that there is a constant struggle of finding toner, knowing how much to keep on hand, and where to store extra toner.

Lexmark: What happens when a customer runs out of toner? Do customers have to purchase toner for their printer on their own?

Bright: No, customers do not have to buy toner on their own. The Lexmark printer will sense when a customer is about to run out of toner and ship the replacement toner to the customer just in time at no cost to them and without the customer having to stock extra supplies.

Is there a pricing bundle with various package options for customers?

Bright: Customers will acquire the printer through the normal business channels. When they purchase the printer, it comes with an initial page bundle (much like “ship with” supplies). After that they can purchase page bundles that fit their budget. We have options from $19 for 200 pages all the way up to $299 for 8,000 pages. As long as a customer is buying pages, all of their supply items, and service are covered.

To find out more information and specific pricing for Lexmark’s My Pages program, watch the video below or visit the Lexmark website.

  • Bigcmyk Bigcmyk

    And what will happen if you need to replace the fuser unit or drum?

    • Lexmark Blog Admin

      A fuser or the drum or any other consumable or maintenance part is covered in the agreement.

  • Bigcmyk Bigcmyk

    Will this program work in Russia?

    • Lexmark Blog Admin

      We are currently piloting the program in the US with plans to expand at a later time.

  • Bigcmyk Bigcmyk

    The cost of color print is the same as the black?

    • Lexmark Blog Admin

      No, the color page is more than black, but comparable to what you’d pay if you were printing from a color printer.