Lexmark’s corporate social responsibility spans the globe

ESR awardLexmark continues to receive accolades for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. In Mexico, Lexmark recently received the 2014 Empresa Socialmente Responsible (ESR) award (“Socially Responsible Company” award) from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

Known in Mexico as the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI), the center is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1988, that aims to promote a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility in Mexico and strengthen the organized participation of Mexican society.

“Lexmark Mexico is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen,” said Mario Pedreros, general manager of Lexmark Mexico. “In producing Lexmark products, we have committed to respect, conserve and restore the ecological environments in which we live and work. This commitment to our employees, customers and sustainability initiatives has led us to be recognized along with some of the top companies in Mexico with the ESR award.”

ESR Photo 2Lexmark was judged on four main criteria:

* Quality life in the enterprise
* Business ethics
* Enterprise/Community commitments
* Environmental preservation


Within these criteria, companies were judged on several other measurements including environmental codes and guidelines, certifications, and third-party acknowledgements, among others.

Other recent accolades for Lexmark include:

Lexmark ranked in top 50 ‘Best Corporate Citizens’
Lexmark recognized as trustworthy public company by Trust Across America

For more information on Lexmark’s corporate responsibility initiatives, go to Lexmark’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report.