MPS 101 for healthcare

PaperManaged Print Services (MPS) are helping thousands of healthcare providers today eliminate printing, save money and improve processes. While the process for MPS can be extensive, it can be broken down into a few easy-to-understand steps.

First, the most basic level of MPS is optimizing the print infrastructure by placing the devices with the optimum set of features, functions and capabilities in the right locations. This first step alone can save an average healthcare provider 10 to 20 percent.

Next, implementing tools and processes to improve device management, such as tools to monitor and manage devices via the network, services to streamline consumables management and improved break/fix services, can yield savings and productivity improvements on average of 20 to 30 percent when compared to unmanaged environments.

Finally, we move beyond basic MPS where Lexmark leverages our process and content management solutions to streamline processes, which boost savings and productivity up to 30 percent or more on average. Some of these benefits include automating and integrating manual or wasteful processes while being able to manage and interact with unstructured digital information at the moment it is needed.

To learn more about how MPS can save you money and help eliminate paper from your business, click here, or stop by HIMSS booth # 4765 to learn more.