MPS 2.0: Put Your Enterprise at the Top of its Game

Top of your GameLast week’s PGA Championship stands out as a showcase event for athletes at the top of their game. A group of business professionals who attended this year’s PGA Championship had an opportunity to gain new insights to put them at the top of their game as well.

Lexmark hosted a special presentation at the championship by Angele Boyd, IDC Group vice president and general manager, imaging/printing/document solutions and small and medium business research practices, where she offered research findings, analysis and strategies.

How Mature Is Your Document Workflow?

Boyd covered a lot of ground in her presentation, “Mega IT Trends Are Driving Business Document Workflow Requirements.” One focus was IDC’s Print and Document Maturity Model (PDM), which defines the five stages of an output environment: ad hoc, opportunistic, repeatable, managed and optimized.

According to Boyd, MPS 2.0, a type of advanced managed print services (MPS), is the equivalent of IDC’s PDM Level 5 optimized print and document environment. This means that companies can achieve the highest level of PDM by engagement in MPS 2.0.

Getting to Business Transformation

Managed environments help organizations achieve goals related to increased visibility and control, greater cost savings, efficiency, productivity and holistic control of print/documents. At the optimized level 5, the holistic MPS 2.0 approach provides substantial benefits:

-Sustainable cost savings average 32 percent
-Reductions of tens and hundreds of millions of pages annually
-Solutions for mobility, managing unstructured content and business processes
-Differentiated services from your competitors
-Improved customer experience
-More time with customers at the point of service
-Business growth

MPS 2.0 provides organizations with what is essentially business transformation, and isn’t that the name of the game?

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