MySignShop creates high quality retail signs, labels, tags and more

In many cases, retail businesses rely on a local print shop or corporate headquarters to print their in-store signage. Corporate offices print the signage based on the following week’s sales, then sort, package and send the signage through the mail in bulky, expensive-to-ship containers to franchise stores across the country. The signs are then unloaded, sorted and placed on merchandise throughout the store.

Often times, these signs arrive late, damaged or both, among a host of other issues. This method of distributing signage also leaves the retail manager unable to respond to local price actions, which is key in today’s retail marketplace.


Lexmark is solving the need of retail stores to print signage on demand and on site with the announcement of the Lexmark mySignShop application. MySignShop dynamically builds professional looking signs in a variety of sizes and styles incorporating the customer’s brand and source data from a repository of product details. Combined with Lexmark color single function or multifunction printing devices, this application provides quality high impact signs on demand and in-house.

“This SMB solution delivers the capability to take a unique solution into a new vertical market for our authorized dealers,” said Doug Frazier, manager of Solutions Engagement, North America Channel Business Development, Lexmark. “MySignShop gives dealers a targeted and proven platform to gain entry into the retail environment.”

Because mySignShop is a hosted solution, there’s no server to set up or software to install. You just need a computer with Internet access and a printer.

License, maintenance, setup and a selection of sign templates are included with your subscription. Select from predesigned layouts of branded sign templates in various types and sizes. You can retrieve product information and “point and click” to print signs on demand.

The solution is available through Lexmark’s Authorized Solution Partners. Click here for more information on how to contact a provider near you.