Nominate your STEM teacher for Lexmark’s $1,000 Educating Excellence award

educating excellence award

Do you know a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teacher who could use an extra $1,000 for his or her classroom?

Lexmark is looking for outstanding K-12 STEM educators in both the Central Kentucky and Kansas City communities who are inspiring innovators and passionate leaders to recognize with the Educating Excellence award (formerly known as the INSPIRE Award in Central Kentucky).

“STEM education has long been important to Lexmark because we know that the future of our world depends on advances in technology and quality learning,” said Sheri Evans Depp, director, human resources. “The Educating Excellence program is a great way for us to directly impact creativity in the classroom by giving outstanding teachers extra resources to work with.”

In order to be eligible, a teacher must receive two separate nominations—from a colleague, a member of the community or a current student. Entries are accepted year-round and once both are submitted, the nomination will stay active and the teacher remains eligible for the award for up to one year. The $1,000 awards are handed out from September through May.

A 2014 winner, Amanda Prewitt, a science teacher at Waco Elementary School in Waco, Ky., used her award money plus matching funds from her school to buy 14 iPads for her classroom.

educating excellence award

“I really wanted this money to go toward getting something in the classroom that could really be used in a variety of ways,” she said. “The kids love using the iPads, and we are learning more and more how to use them effectively in their learning.”

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