Print Security Helps Identify Leaker


Webinar – Learn how Lexmark helps protect your sensitive information. 

News broke earlier this month of yet another major security breach. This time, officials were able to determine that a classified document had been printed and mailed to an online news magazine, and the leaker was quickly discovered and arrested. 

While large-scale security breaches end up in the headlines, leaks don’t have to be news-breaking to be costly. Regardless of size or scale, all breakdowns in security come with consequences.

Furthermore, print-related data breaches like this one are all too common in today’s marketplace. Hardcopy information is difficult to protect and monitor, and often overlooked by organizations. But when it comes to formulating a comprehensive security strategy, it’s critical to move beyond protecting against external hackers and monitoring digital endpoints. Insider threats, specifically those that exist within the hardcopy environment, are present and must be acknowledged in order to avoid attacks like this most recent example.

So how do you protect your sensitive, confidential data against internal threats? Would you know if unauthorized access of information occurred within the walls of your organization?

When we speak with customers, we find that most of today’s businesses lack the technology needed to monitor how all of their information–both printed and digital–is being used, accessed and moved. While it’s true that many organizations have insight into a piece of their information flow–such as their network or web-based applications–data that’s printed, scanned or faxed is often unmonitored and unprotected. The result? An incomplete picture that, as we’ve seen, could result in costly leaks and breaches.

Lexmark Secure Document Monitor (LSDM) can help. LSDM is part of our full-spectrum security portfolio and allows organizations to gain complete, end-to-end monitoring of all information and user activity, regardless of source, format or point of origination.

LSDM leverages Lexmark’s hardcopy expertise to collect data from every document that passes through your multifunction printers, directly from the devices. From there, captured data is routed directly to a monitoring system where it’s linked to the data you’re collecting from digital sources, for a complete view of information usage and a more proactive approach to protecting against internal breaches.

At Lexmark, we know that security is one of your top priorities, so it’s one of ours, too. And now, with LSDM, we can help you further protect your data from the inside out to gain more insight, more visibility and more confidence in a more complete security strategy. Don’t become yet another headline; it’s time to close the print security gap and know what’s happening with all of your sensitive information.

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