Print differently with Lexmark

printing infographic

Protecting the environment is certainly a shared responsibility.

Research indicates that organizations spend anywhere from 1 to 6 percent [1] of their annual revenues on office copying and printing. Even if your organization falls at the low end of the range, that’s a lot of paper and most likely a whole lot of waste.

The average worker prints 13,000 pages per year, with one in seven pages never being used. Now more than ever, companies need to educate employees on ways to save at the multifunction printer.

Here is an infographic you can use and share with tips on how to print less and differently.

printing infographic

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With Lexmark Print Management, you can improve the efficiency of your output environment by helping to reduce unnecessary printing. This solution delivers secure access control and robust usage reporting, and at the same time, provides greater mobility and productivity for your users.

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[1] Gartner Group estimate: 1-3%. InfoTrends estimate: 3-6%.