Rosauers Supermarkets take control with managed print services

Rosauers Supermarkets was founded in the 1940’s and currently operates 21 grocery stores in the Inland Northwest. The regionalized chain recently rolled out Lexmark’s MPS program, which allows for the central management of printer settings and controls, automatic fulfillment of supplies, and on-site maintenance for all devices in the program.

#26 - Store Photo - 29th Rosauers (3)When Lexmark’s MPS was first presented to Rosauers, Steve Lee, director, information systems and communications, Rosauers Supermarkets, ran the numbers and saw that the program would lower the company’s total cost of ownership when it came to the printing and faxing areas of operation. “It also included new devices that were more capable, along with service components, and automatic fulfillment,” he adds.

The projected lower operational costs allowed Rosauers to upgrade equipment with newer technologies, reduce failure rates, and allow for device consolidation in some locations.

Rosauers already had a base of reliable devices in place by the time they decided to invest in MPS. Within the past five years, Lee worked to standardize printers across the organization. “When I first arrived, there were inkjets and some printers that were close to a decade old, along with toner and drums stored in the mailroom. Much of the inventory was dated and unused.”

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