Saperion acquisition expands Lexmark/Perceptive Software’s footprint


Saperion's Sascha Ohler

Saperion’s Sascha Ohler

Lexmark recently completed its acquisition of Saperion, a Germany-based developer and provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software in Europe. Saperion will report into Lexmark’s Perceptive Software division. Sascha Ohler, director of product management, international, for Saperion, sat down to discuss what Saperion does and how it fits into Lexmark’s overall business strategy.

Lexmark: Tell us about Saperion’s technology solutions.

Ohler: Saperion’s solutions enable customers to capture, store and access information. We provide a robust ECM platform that allows partners to extend the ECM functionality to specific industries. These products are highly scalable, easily integrate with all major ERP, email and document management systems, and are mobile capable, which is a real concern for our customers.

We focus on document management, document archiving and integration of the documents into business processes. We have several offerings, I will focus on a few that really stand out.

Saperion has a Web content archiving solution that is used for online retailers, large insurance companies or banks that do business through online portals. Did you know that 8 to 10 percent of transactions online are later cancelled because a customer states that they didn’t actually agree to the transaction? To combat this, Saperion has a tool that takes a snapshot of the screen when a customer submits for a purchase online. If the purchase is later scrutinized, the screenshot provides an additional layer of oversight to the transaction.

Another interesting technology is Saperion’s corporate content collaboration solution, fileNshare. It provides the ability to securely share corporate content with internal and external parties while conforming to corporate security standards.  Once a document is uploaded it can be managed and shared through a simple, yet robust privilege structure. And a key for any business, the documents can be accessed from mobile devices using both native and Web-based user interfaces.

In the area of consolidation services, Saperion has a solution that has saved some of our customers millions of dollars. Let’s say you are an enterprise customer that has multiple large content repositories, for example in support of your SAP system.  Today you will be forced to maintain all of these repositories indefinitely if you need to access some or all of the content at some point. This also means paying the repository vendor for maintenance. The Saperion Consolidation Services offer customers the ability to reduce these maintenance fees by providing a way to access the content, independent of repository through a unified Saperion user interface. Data and content access is maintained and maintenance cost is lowered without the need for a lengthy content migration.

Lexmark: How does Saperion fit in with Perceptive Software?

Ohler: From a product portfolio perspective, Saperion will bring some unique product offerings, such as those discussed above. From a footprint perspective, Saperion brings a well-developed European customer base and partner channel to the table. We feel that we can only elevate the Perceptive Software name and brand, particularly in Europe.

Lexmark: What are you focused on right now as Saperion joins with the Lexmark/Perceptive team? 

Ohler: Saperion leadership just returned from a 10-day knowledge exchange at Perceptive headquarters in Kansas City, and we continue to work on the road map toward product integration. We are making very good progress.

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