Pulling up the anchor in Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology

HIT keeps organizations afloat when change is the only constant Amid increasing and ever-changing regulation and legislation, as well as ongoing competitive pressures, the race for excellence in healthcare is fraught with headwinds. Providers have turned to Health Information Technology (HIT) to help navigate the waters and to bring about the meaningful change capable of positioning them to win the […] Read More

MPS 101 for healthcare

MPS 101 for healthcare

Managed Print Services (MPS) are helping thousands of healthcare providers today eliminate printing, save money and improve processes. While the process for MPS can be extensive, it can be broken down into a few easy-to-understand steps. First, the most basic level of MPS is optimizing the print infrastructure by placing the devices with the optimum set of features, functions and […] Read More

HIMSS Stage 7 ‘paperless’ hospitals?

HIMSS Stage 7 'paperless' hospitals?

Reaching HIMSS Stage 7 “paperless” electronic patient records is still a lofty goal for many healthcare providers, as HIMSS reports only 161 U.S. hospitals have reached Stage 7 to date. But for those who think reaching HIMSS Stage 7 status will eliminate all paper in their environment – think again. A recent study of four hospitals who are accredited with […] Read More