From shipwrecked to smooth sailing, one workflow at a time

Time is running out at NRF 2017, and we don’t want to miss a chance to say hello! Be sure to stop by booth #2553 today for a quick visit. And if day three has you feeling a bit groggy, we’ve got you covered. One cup of our Seattle-style espresso, and you’ll be ready to sail through the day. While […] Read More

Searching for retail gold? LEX marks the spot!

Searching for retail gold? LEX marks the spot!

We’ve reached day two of NRF 2017, and if you still haven’t made your way over to the Lexmark booth, TODAY is the day! Feeling a little lost on the show floor? Just look up! You’ll find us under Peter Pan (We are in Neverland, after all!). That’s right: we’re spending the week in a world of flying fairies and […] Read More

Retail signage that soars…without all the tinkering

Retail signage that soars...without all the tinkering

Neverland is ready for you! The Lexmark booth (#2553) is up and running here at NRF, so be sure to fly over for a quick visit (and a cup of Seattle-style espresso) sometime today. Speaking of flying, have you heard about how our print and digital signage solutions can help your business soar to new heights? With a complete signage […] Read More