Infographic: Waste and recycling management at Lexmark

waste and recycling

Waste Management

At Lexmark, we’re committed to disposing waste generated by our worldwide facilities in a safe and responsible manner. Our facilities measure and report our generated waste and disposal methods to ensure we are making progress in our overall waste-reduction efforts. The data for Lexmark waste generation and disposal over the past several years is indicative of the level of progress we are making toward a zero waste company.

Waste Recycling

Disposal methods for waste are determined through the collaborative efforts of Lexmark and our waste-management partners. Working together, we have identified new opportunities for recycling waste, reducing our usage of incineration and landfill while increasing usage of waste-to-energy recovery where other recycling options are unavailable.

Since 2007, Lexmark has increased its waste recycling and reuse rate from 63 percent to 75 percent. In 2014 Lexmark met its recycling-rate goal of 75 percent.

Here is an infographic that shows our progress and the ways we dispose of waste. (Click on image for larger view.)

waste and recycling

For more information, view Lexmark’s corporate social responsibility report.