What’s the choice? Getting your information fast, or getting it right? Learn how to have both

InformationThanks to the instantaneous answers served up by Google, Yahoo and other search engines, we now have similar expectations for the speed and flexibility of information that drives our businesses. However, access to data in organizations is rarely as quick and fluid as an Internet search. Even so, we hustle to speed up information delivery, especially when it comes to business decisions, collaboration and customer service.

But the real goal shouldn’t only be faster information, but faster decision making – there’s a difference. The key is to get the RIGHT information faster.

You can help your managers and employees improve decision-making processes. The greatest potential for improvement comes from understanding your organization’s true information needs and in bringing more order to workplaces where the norm has been disconnected processes, unstructured information and ultimately, frustrated employees.

Learn About Getting Information Right

In a Lexmark-sponsored webinar on Sept. 24, best-selling author, educator and consultant Tom Davenport will help you focus on identifying the right information. You’ll also learn how to organize the best processes to capture and deliver the data you need. Better processes won’t guarantee better decisions, but can make that outcome more likely.

Join this free webinar to learn more about:

  • Identifying the kinds of decisions your organization makes
  • The types of work our decisions support
  • What information needs to be fast – and what doesn’t
  • How to avoid the pain of gathering information

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More About Tom Davenport

It’s not every day you have the chance to spend an hour with one of the world’s top 25 consultants and one of the 100 most influential people in the IT industry. Tom Davenport has authored hundreds of articles, columns and blogs for such publications as Harvard Business ReviewMIT Sloan Management ReviewCIO, and The Financial Times. http://www.tomdavenport.com/