Working across the globe: An interview with Lexmark’s general manager in Mexico

general manager in mexicoHere’s the next installment of our series of interviews with Lexmark general managers from across the globe. Today we chat with Mario Pedreros, general manager (GM) in Mexico. Pedreros has been with Lexmark since 2003and has been in the general manager position since March of 2014. Previously he held multiple sales management roles in the region before being named to the Mexico position.

How do you like your new role as GM of Mexico?

It is an interesting challenge due to Lexmark’s strong performance in Mexico the last few years despite the different inhibitors the market has shown like IT spending in government institutions and the immature nature of the managed print services (MPS) market. The opportunity is exciting and we hope to have a quantum leap of growth if we execute well.

Tell us about your country.

Mexico has an economy that is showing some recovery signs after the global economic crisis, with huge manufacturing opportunities due to the structural changes that are happening in the worldwide economy. We also have a new and very popular government that is promoting technological improvement to its branches.

What makes Lexmark stand out in Mexico?

Lexmark’s unmatched combination of technology ownership, industry experience and customer intimacy drives solutions that innovate the way people work. This value proposition, combined with the way we are approaching and developing the market, make Lexmark stand out in Mexico. Lexmark is a pioneer in its segment with a very strong value proposition that is appealing and widely accepted by our customers.

Are there any interesting trends in your country?

There are several trends happening right now in Mexico. Here are a few:

*Manufacturing is gaining momentum due to cost challenges in China.

*The government is forcing banks to increase credit to small and medium businesses  to make them grow faster.

*There is a mature retail market with lots of competition.

*The MPS market is growing fast.

What are you focused on right now?

We are focused on growing managed print services and Imaging Solutions and Services business with conglomerates in Mexico. We are always working to find new business opportunities while we increase recruiting and development of new partners. I am also working very closely with my staff in key strategic areas to ensure that we are going in the right direction in our transition to becoming a solutions centric company.

What are you most excited about looking toward the rest of the year?

I am looking forward to success in the third and fourth quarters. We have the right team in place with the right strategy being deployed.

Check out Lexmark’s Latin America webpage for more information.