Working Across the Globe: Lexmark’s United Kingdom general manager talks synergies

Danny MolhoekIn our series of interviews with Lexmark general managers across the globe, we talk to Danny Molhoek, Lexmark United Kingdom (U.K.). Molhoek was named general manager in early 2013. We sat down to ask him how his first year on the job has progressed and what new and exciting projects he is working on for Lexmark.

Lexmark: Tell us about your geography – what countries do you oversee and what new and exciting things are happening for you and your team?

Molhoek: I oversee the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are based out of Maidenhead, which is west of London. In the Maidenhead office we have a mix of Perceptive Software and Imaging Solutions and Services (ISS) employees working together to penetrate the market. Having both divisions under one roof creates synergy and gives us a strong presence in front of our customers. A great example of these synergies would be our partnership with Dollar Financial. The teams working closely together to propose a range of products to the customers all served out of the same backbone.

Lexmark: How is Lexmark’s transition to a solutions centric company impacting your region and your customers?

Molhoek: Having ISS and Perceptive Software under one roof enables us to work closely together and I know our customers are benefiting from that. The team is experienced in delivering managed print service (MPS) capabilities to our customers and we are scoring well. Adding solutions on top of MPS feels like a natural transition and makes sense for our customers.  In order to grow the business, we need to expand our relationships within our existing accounts and show the value of our added capabilities to the customer. Having a good reputation and relationship in the marketplace helps with that.

Lexmark: What makes Lexmark stand out in your geography?

Molhoek: Lexmark has been very successful in the market with our channel value proposition. We are a dominant player in the retail and legal markets and have significantly expanded our presence in the financial services sector as well. The value proposition that Lexmark brings to the market is working, and in conjunction with our customer intimacy, we are growing new business and reaching new customers consistently.

Lexmark: Any interesting trends in your geography?

Molhoek: I believe we will see the U.K. market grow more and more into an MPS market. It is not just large enterprises that are looking for MPS offerings, all sizes of companies including small to medium businesses, hence the success of our value channel program, which allows any sized customer to attain an MPS approach to print management. Lexmark will globally launch some exciting programs this year in order to expand our proposition in that field and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Lexmark: What are you focused on right now?

Molhoek: Our biggest focus is on expanding our customer base whether this is with Perceptive, MPS or our channel programs. As I referenced previously, Lexmark’s vertical alignment helps us with that, such as in retail, legal and financial services. In order to grow we need to expand and we fortunately have the right solutions to back that up. I believe the U.K. and Ireland have a bright future despite the fact that it is probably the most competitive market I ever worked in during my time with Lexmark.

Check out Lexmark’s U.K. webpage for more information.